How to Get Started With Biblically Responsible Investing

Introduction to Biblically Responsible Investing

There is a movement underway in the world of finance where Christians are investing billions of dollars intentionally to support biblical values for the glory of God, and it is called faith-driven or Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI).

More and more Christians are waking up to the opportunity to align their investments with biblical values, as well as discovering the unsettling truth that they have been profiting from immoral businesses such as abortion, pornography, human trafficking and other unbiblical practices.

The growing demand for biblical investments is changing the landscape of Wall street and gaining global recognition as a powerful force for positive change through the culture and the world. 

Following is a steb-by-step guide to make biblical investing simple and easy to implement in your financial life.

Step 1: DISCOVER What You Own

The first step in the journey towards biblically responsible investing is to discover the truth about what you own in your investment account.  What are the companies that you own in your 401(k), IRA, mutual funds, ETFs and other investments doing to turn a profit?  Are they manufacturing abortion drugs, selling pornography, using slave labor in their supply chains?  Are they donating money to Planned Parenthood?  Lobbying to advance the radical LGBTQ agenda?

Many investors are surprised to learn they are profiting from and supporting these unbiblical activities within their investment portfolios.  So How do you find out what the moral value of your portfolio is?

There is, which is a free online tool built to empower investors with the biblical values data they need to make informed, God honoring decisions.  Inspire Insight brings together the most robust data sets from the world's leading providers and makes that information freely available to anyone.

Our Christian financial advisors have robust analytic technology to plug in your investment ticker symbols and generate an easy-to-understand report that shows you everything you ever wanted to know (or didn't want to know) about the moral issues in your portfolio.

With a copy of your investment statements or list of tickers and values, we will prepare a complimentary PORTFOLIO REVIEW & KINGDOM IMPACT REPORT to discover what you currently own and whether each holding is aligned with the Bible's wisdom on prudent and Godly principles.

Are you ready to discover the truth about your investments?  Take that step and see for yourself what is going on behind closed doors in your portfolio. 

Step 2: EXPLORE How it Would Look To Invest Biblically

If you are like most Christian investors, once you discover the moral issues in your current portfolio you will want to make a change as soon as possible. So, how do you invest in a biblically responsible investment portfolio?

Fortunately, the majority of companies pass even the most stringent biblical screens so that there is no shortage of quality companies to invest in.  There is also a large and growing number of faith-based mutual funds, including lower cost exchange traded funds (ETFs), and professionally managed investment vehicles. 

There are three principals every biblically responsible investor should strive to incorporate in investment decisions:

  1. ENDORSE: Invest in the Good - The first step is to seek out companies doing good things in the world.  Companies that operate according to biblical values and are blessings to their customers, employees, communities and the world. These companies honor conservative values as ethical business practices, traditional family values, sanctity of life, and care for the poor.
  2. EXCLUDE: Avoid the Bad - As a steward of God's resources, it is important to avoid investments in companies which are acting against biblical values.  Many investors are shocked to discover they are profiting from and supporting such activities as abortion, pornography, human trafficking and other practices through their portfolios.  Avoiding these areas sends a strong message to the corporate world for positive change.
  3. ENGAGE: Engage for Change - One of the most effective methods for inspiring positive transformation is through shareholder engagement efforts.  As investors and owners, you have a right to make your voice heard in the corporate board room. As Christian investors collectively raise their voice with grace and truth, corporate America listens and responds. Add your voice to the Biblical Investing movement and help inspire positive transformation in the culture and throughout the world.

The rest of the investment process is the same as building any other portfolio: consider your goals, the risks, returns, fees, diversification and other important aspects to build your biblically responsible investing portfolio.

Word of caution: there are investment funds issued by faith-based organizations that in fact do very little investment screening. Also, not every Christian financial advisor is trained or equipped in biblical investing, so do not assume because your advisor may be a Christian that they are managing your investments according to biblical values.  Many Christian advisors, like Christian investors, are unaware that there is a major moral dilemma present in the portfolios they manage.

Step 3: IMPACT - Start Investing Biblically and Impact the World for God's Glory!

After discovering what you own, and then exploring your biblically responsible investing options, it is time to pull the proverbial trigger and become a biblically responsible investor, joining the growing number of other Christian investors in the biblically responsible investing movement!

Every dollar you invest with Inspire helps us in our mission to create meaningful change in the lives of people in need across the globe.  Though Inspire's Give50 Campaign, 50% or more of investment management fees each year are donated to fund Christian ministry projects.

Without writing a check, you can help make the world better by providing clean water sources to disadvantaged communities, protecting unborn life through at-risk counseling, distributing Bibles to the persecuted church, sharing the Gospel with unreached peoples, and much more!

His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’ Matthew 25:23

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