Kingdom Wealth Stewards is a boutique wealth management firm with offices in Newport Coast, California and South Texas, that focuses on values-based and faith-driven invesment mangement and financial planning. We are a Founding Advisor Partner with Inspire Advisors LLC, a global leader in the Biblically Responsible Investing movement with over $2 billion in assets under management.

Our founder, Jay Richardson, has three decades experience managing investments for affluent and high net worth private individuals, families, charitable foundations and endowments. He holds the prestigious, gold standard Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®).

Jay is also a Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA®) having received specialized training in faith-driven investing and planning and committing to be a person of strong moral character who advises Christian clients on how to best steward the time, talents, temple, tribe and treasure with which they have been blessed by God.



We serve all types of people, but our services may be best suited for those who share our values and beliefs:

  • Are you conservative, a person of faith, or have traditional family values?
  • Would you like to build a secure financial future, while also honoring God?
  • Would you like to invest and support companies that follow timeless biblical principles?
  • Would you like to promote positive cultural change to make the world better?
  • Would you like to create immediate Kingdom impact and a lasting legacy?

If yes, we we can help you become a better financial steward - for His glory and your joy!



We offer comprehensive investment management services from a faith-driven perspectiveincluding Biblically Responsible Investing complimented with financial and retirement planning from a Christian world view to help you become a better steward over His resources and treasure.

We take the time to get to know you and your family well, to understand your personal financial or retirement goals so that we may custom tailor our investment and financial planning advice to meet your specific needs.

We manage responsible investment portfolios by:

ENDORSING good companies that are being a blessing to their customers, employees, vendors, and communities,

EXCLUDING bad companies that are involved in non-biblical activities; and then respectfully...

ENGAGING with other companies to change corporate behavior and promote positive cultural change.



We believe our calling is to Inspire and Empower You to Better Wealth Stewardship by Aligning Your Faith and Finances, through Biblically Responsible Investing.

We believe good moral values and good investment returns are not mutually exclusive.

We believe you do not have to compromise on competence, service, or performance when choosing to invest in alignment with your faith.

We believe Christians should work with an advisor who shares your beliefs and worldview.

We believe you should only work with a true fiduciary who will always put you and your best interests first.


There is a movement underway in the world of finance where Christians are investing billions of dollars intentionally to support biblical values for the glory of God, and it is called faith-driven or Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI).

More and more Christians are waking up to the opportunity to align their investments with biblical values, as well as discovering the unsettling truth that they have been profiting from immoral businesses such as abortion, pornography, human trafficking and other unbiblical practices.

The growing demand for biblical investments is changing the landscape of Wall Street and gaining global recognition as a powerful force for positive change through the culture and the world. 

Following is a step-by-step guide to make biblical investing simple and easy to implement in your financial life.

Biblically Responsible Investing

Biblically Responsible Investing

Want to learn more about faith-driven investing without any cost or obligation?  Read our ebook to learn more about this exciting alternative to traditional investing and how you can build a more secure financial future while creating lasting Kingdom impact.




The 15 Minute Guide to Biblical Investing

The 15 Minute Guide to Biblical Investing

Want to learn more about faith-driven investing without any cost or obligation?  Read our ebook to learn more about this exciting alternative to traditional investing and how you can build a more secure financial future while creating creating lasting Kingdom impact.

What You Own

The first step in the journey towards biblical investing is to discover the truth about what you already own in your investment accounts.

What are the companies that you own in your investment accounts doing to produce a profit? Are they manufacturing abortion drugs, selling pornography, or using slave labor in their supply chains? Are they donating to Planned Parenthood? Lobbying to advance a radical anti-family agenda?

Many investors are surprised to learn they are profiting from or supporting unbiblical activities in their investment portfolios. How do you find out the moral value of your portfolio?

We can help by analyzing your current investments and preparing a custom Kingdom Impact Report.

How to Invest Biblically

The next step is to explore how it would look to invest biblically.

If you are like most Christian investors, once you discover the moral issues in your current investments you will want to make a change as soon as possible. So, how do you invest in a biblically responsible investment portfolio?

Fortunately, the majority of companies pass even the most stringent biblical screens so that there is no shortage of quality companies to invest in. There are a large and growing number of faith-based mutual funds, including lower cost exchange traded funds (ETFs), and professionally managed investment vehicles.

We can show you how you are currently invested contrasted with how it would look to invest biblically.

Step 3: IMPACT
the World for God's Glory

The final step, after discovering what you own and exploring your biblically responsible investing options, it is time to pull the proverbial trigger and become a biblically responsible investor, joining the growing number of other Christian investors in the Biblically Responsible Investing movement!

Inspire Investing gives 50% of the net profits from our management fees and donates them to Christian charities through our Give50 campaign. That means that every dollar invested with Inspire is helping to inspire transformation throughout the world!

Total lifetime giving $131,548 as of 8/24/21

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